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Piano Rentals

I have a number of pianos available to be rented for an event or for longer term.


Short-term rentals (for events, etc.)

Rentals for an event vary from 1 day to up to a week. This could be for a wedding, anniversary, recital, etc. I have baby grands as well as uprights for such events.


Prices vary depending on the location and access to the location of the event.


Please see the moving section on this web site for some of the information that will be needed to give you an estimate. I may want to see the site before determining the price. This is particularly true for outside events. Pianos must be protected from the weather.


Long-term rentals

Long-term rentals are usually for the summer or longer term for lessons. Rentals start at $40 per month for a minimal rental of six months. Delivery and removal are additional and paid in advance. This is $100 each way for a simple move within 20 miles not involving many steps. I rent console pianos that are tuned, regulated, and guaranteed. Quality baby grands are available as well.

Option to buy

If during a long term rental, you decide you want to buy the piano, your rental costs for up to one year will be applied to the purchase price.

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