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Piano Moving

Piano moving is not for the amateur and often not done well by many furniture moving companies. Don't risk having your valuable piano damaged by the uninitiated. If done right it looks easy and there is little risk of damage. A good move involves an intellectual exercise in physics as much as physical exercise. By using mechanical advantage and winches, it can be made to look rather easy too. I have a number of devices developed for moving pianos or adapted from other rigging trades for lifting and moving heavy equipment. They are time and field tested and work well. It sometimes takes a few minutes longer but it is better to be safe than sorry. Those that rely on brute force alone sometimes run out of that force at inconvenient times resulting in a "resounding" disaster.


My prices are very competitive but like all other piano movers, the price depends on the situation. A move out of a low ranch is not the same as a 3 story walk-up apartment. Please gather this information before calling for an estimate:

  • Address of location where the piano is to be picked up.

  • Address of the location where the piano is to be delivered.

  • Number of steps inside and outside of each location.

  • Are there turns in the staircase

  • What is the paving outside each location. (ie. Concrete, gravel, stepping stones, grass, etc.)

  • Do you want me to tune the piano upon delivery or soon after?

  • Size and brand of piano. See list below for sizes.

  • Grand Piano ( 6‘ or more in length) - measure from front of keys to furthest point in back. Baby Grand Piano (4' 6" to 6‘ in length) - give length

  • Upright or Studio (45" or taller) - measure height in inches from floor to top of lid

  • Console (40" - 44" tall) - measure height in inches from floor to top of lid

  • Spinet (under 40" tall) - measure height in inches from floor to top of lid

Classic Piano Doc moving a studio-sized piano to the third floor of a house in Greenport, NY using a crane. Ingenuity is my specialty.


Piano moving should not be a scary experience. Use a Pro.

This $90,000 Bosendorfer 9 foot grand was dropped in Devon, England by furniture movers.

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